About us

ABCURE PHARMA AB is a Swedish Pharmaceutical Company that is established by 2 pharmacists in Stockholm.

After having had extensive industry experience and owning & running our own pharmacies we decided to take advantage of our several years of experience by handling drugs from different producers, and built our own pharmaceutical products that can bring the best parts of all products into products that goes under the name ABCURE PHARMA.

About Abcure Pharma


Our competences are concentrated around Business development, Marketing and Sales of Pharmaceutical products. To ensure high quality and availability on our products we are partnering with a number of well-established producers and service providers. We co-operate only with very reputable producers.

Our business is based on delivering the cheapest medicines to pharmacies and hospitals, in this way daily lowering the cost of high-quality drugs for patients and society.

ABCURE PHARMA provides and manufactures generic pharmaceutical drugs with high quality and Swedish knowledge. Our brand is based on long experience of the pharmacy industry, and close connection with our customers.